3 uses for honey

3 Health Uses for Honey

September is National Honey Month!  While honey might traditionally be thought of as a sweetener, there are many other uses that this versatile substance can provide.

To celebrate the delicious substance from the hardworking honey bee we’ve compiled a list of different honey uses that you might not have thought of.

Honey Face Mask

Honey is amazing for skin. It has the ability to moisturize making it an ideal addition to a skin care regimen. Along with that, honey is an antioxidant  honey useswhich helps combat nasty free radicals that can potentially damage skin.

It’s antimicrobial and antiseptic properties also make honey a great contender for combating acne and other blemishes.

To use as a face mask apply honey to your skin, leave for 10-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly (especially around the scalp line) with warm water. Then rinse with cold water to help keep your pores happy. There are many variants on the honey face mask, including different types of honey like raw or manuka. Research to find the combination that works best for your skin.

Make sure to test to see how your skin reacts to honey before use.

Honey Cold Remedy

If you’re feeling icky with a sore throat honey can provide some much-needed relief. Again there are many variants on this recipe, but the simplified version will have you mix a spoonful of honey, half a lemons worth of juice, and hot water, stir and enjoy at your desired temperature.

The lemon will give you a vitamin C boost. Other ingredients that can be added include ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and mint.

Milk and Honey Sleep Remedy

Science hasn’t proven this remedies benefit for sleep, but it can still be soothing. Having a routine can help tell your brain that it’s time to sleep, and that can be extremely helpful on its own. Also, warm milk and honey can trigger pleasant memories, the perfect set up for right before bed.

To make, warm the milk in a sauce pan, be careful not to bring to boil. Then add in your desired amount of honey. After that get in your pjs and grab a book and get under the covers.

This recipe can also use milk substitutes like almond or cashew milk.

Have you ever tried any of these remedies? If so, how’d it go? Do you have any of your own honey uses? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.




  • September 7, 2017


    Honey & Balsamic vinegar for my favorite broccoli raisin & onion salad! No Mayo!
    Honey & Hoisin sauce for many meat marinades or steamed veggies or drizzled on salads!!
    Honey & Tamari also goes on anything here!!
    You GO ‘Honey Bear’!

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