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Every year I like to come up with unique gifts for my friends and family, but this year I seem to be running short on time for being as creative as I once was. Instead I’ve turned to Valley Natural Foods for my gift giving needs. Stay tuned, each week as I’ll be offering suggestions on some of my favorite gift items and gift ideas available at Valley Natural Foods this holiday season.

This week my focus is all about the essentials… essential oils of course!  My love for essential oils started last holiday season when I attended a craft party. Each guest brought a different craft idea and enough supplies for everyone to create unique, hand-made gift items. One of the crafts included making gifts from essential oils, like sugar body scrubs and carpet deodorizers. They were so easy to make and I had plenty left over to try for myself.

Essential oils can be used for many different purposes, but it is important to know how to use the certain oils. For example, some oils are more potent than others and must be combined with carrier oils, like almond or avocado oil before they can be applied topically. Books about how to use essential oils are great gifts for beginners and advanced users. We have a selection of aromatherapy and essential oil books available in our wellness department that can explain uses, applications and more specific information.  A staff favorite is the “Aromatherapy for Everyone” which is a great guide that can be used for easy reference. As always our books are offered at a 10% off discount.

Since most of the people in my life are using essential oils, and I haven’t got the time to be crafty, it seems only fitting to replenish their essential oil collection. At Valley Natural Foods we have an amazing selection of essential oils and essential oil blends for a number of needs and purposes.  I strive to support local so my picks include Veridita’s organic and eco-certified essential oils, and Wyndmere essential oils and roll-ons, which are the perfect for holiday traveling.

So what do you give the person that already has a large collection of essential oils? Well, the top item on my wish list this year is an aromatherapy diffuser. I’ve wanted one ever since I walked into my sister’s home and saw her diffuser puffing away and a feeling of calmness immediately washed over me.


Assorted Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers available for purchase, while supplies last.

To meet your gift budget needs you can choose to put oils in a simple glass spray bottle or purchase a diffuser. We have a selection of electric aromatherapy diffusers for different preferences, but you’ll want to scoop them up before they’re gone. My favorite is the SpaRoom Lotus Mist Diffuser that is shaped like a lotus flower and even changes colors. If looks aren’t a top priority when picking a diffuser we also carry a variety of other Ultrasonic Diffusers like the Limited Edition Chrome Diffuser.

If you’re introducing someone to diffusers for the first time then you might be interested in reed diffusers. Sunleaf Naturals, based out of Waconia, Minnesota, makes an excellent diffuser with natural reeds that absorb their pure essential oils, and fill the room with
comforting smells. With combinations like Orange Ginger, Cedar Mint, and Rosy Geranium you’ll be sure to please everyone on your list. For a limited time we also have their Special Edition Holiday Scent: Bayberry Balsam.

If you’re looking for a simpler route we also carry rareESSENCE room mists and candles that are made in small batches right here in Minneapolis. Their products make for the perfect hostess gift, or you can keep them for yourself for when you just need a quick spritz of aromatherapy. They cater their mists and candles for different purposes like Refresh, Awaken, and Meditation. I know I could use some Refresh right now!

Aromatherapy can help with stress relief, boosting self-esteem, agitation release, control fatigue and much more depending on the oils you use. My personal favorites are Wyndmere’s “Defend Naturally”, which I use to sanitize airplane trays during travel, and Veridita’s “Mental Clarity” blend and “Just Plain Relief” roll-on for headaches that can accompany the holidays.

These are just a few of my favorite local essential oil products. Come in and visit our wellness department to explore our different gift items like artisan soaps, make your own beeswax candle kits, housewares and more!

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