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Garden Fresh Salsa is our STAFF PICK of the WEEK! Valley Natural Foods is committed to providing the freshest, healthiest fare we possibly can. That’s why our garden fresh salsa is definitely worth a mention. Made almost daily on-site by produce staff, it's as fresh as you can get! We commit to using fresh organic ingredients when they're available including tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, lime juice and sea salt---most are locally sourced throughout the summer and early fall seasons. What's your game day plan? If you’re craving a fresh, healthy, no-cook snack for game day, make it a super bowl of house-made garden fresh salsa from our own produce department here at Valley Natural Foods! Garden Fresh Salsa Facts: At least 350 pounds of salsa (sometimes more) is produced each week at Valley Natural Foods---that means we make it almost every day! Eight years ago,