Author: Susie Hessburg

Interactive Flyer Did you know, when accessing the interactive Co+op Deals flyer online, you can view and sort it not only by page, but also by department and products too? Plus, you can even create and add items to a convenient shopping list! This online viewer tool is designed to work on mobile phones, devices and desktop computers. PDF Format If you still prefer viewing and downloading the co+op deals flyer in a standard PDF format, simply click the red printer icon located at the upper right-hand corner of the flyer web page. From there you have the option of printing or downloading the PDF onto your phone or desktop. Either way, you will see fantastic deals on dozens of grocery and wellness items! In addition, the flyer includes recipes, tips, stories and periodic promotions too.

Our wellness department recently added handcrafted, cut-your-own Pacha Soap to our shelves! Beautiful Pacha soaps are scented with pure essential oils and colored with herbs, plant extracts, roots minerals and clays. All ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced, and contain no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or silicones. The benefit of cut-your-own bulk soap allows you to control how thick you want your soap bar. Special bags are supplied to store your soap. If you need assistance with cutting, our staff will be happy to help you! Pacha Soap is a fast-growing, mission-driven company. When you purchase their soap, a bar is given to someone in need and helps provide careers for men and women in developing nations. To learn more about Pacha Soap's mission, visit their website:

A showy variety of locally-grown daikon radish has recently arrived on our produce shelves! Purple Daikon radishes are easy to spot because of their pretty, lavender-colored exterior. When you slice these large tubular beauties into thin circles, you will notice an incredible, vibrant purple & white tie-dye design inside. However, purple daikon is not just another pretty radish, it has great flavor appeal too. They're very sweet and mild, without that spicy sharp bite you can expect from other varieties. Plus, they're super easy to peel using a paring knife or vegetable peeler. Try adding shredded daikon to your favorite coleslaw recipe, or pickle them. You can also just simply slice and and lay out on a tray, and serve with dipping hummus. Get creative with salads by adding them cubed or sliced to salads for a colorful presentation.  If you would like to make something on the exotic side, check out this Radish and Carrot Kimchi recipe from Co-op, Stronger

The latest superstars to arrive on our produce shelves are these colorful and somewhat odd-shaped, exciting fruit varieties. Dragon Fruit This pointy, odd-looking, edible fruit of a cactus species is also known as Pitaya. The inside flesh will either be bright white or deep red, and both types have a similar texture to kiwi fruit, with very mild, subtle flavors. The thin leathery "dragon-like" skin is very easy to slice or peel off the soft, inner flesh. For a refreshing and exciting fruit salad idea, cube up some mango, pineapple and jicama; toss together in a bowl. Top the fruit mixture with slices of peeled dragon fruit to give your tasty tropical fruit salad a very subtle white or vivid red color pop. Star Fruit The mildly tart-tasting, multi-ridged greenish-yellow star fruit is popular throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Hawaii and Florida. Star fruit is completely ripe when the skin appears mostly yellow, with some brown spots

It's that time of year when those beautiful, beloved and tasty heirloom tomatoes start showing up on supermarket shelves. In our northern region, enjoying heirloom tomatoes in early summer may mean they might be trucked in from warmer southern states.  However, with access to local providers like Wisconsin Growers Cooperative, locally grown and fully ripe heirloom tomatoes are available right now! You may be wondering how that is even possible, coming from a neighbor state that shares the same northern climate as Minnesota with short-growing seasons? Wisconsin Growers Cooperative is a unique farming community involving 35-40 small-scale Amish farmers located in Western Wisconsin, where farming practices favor horse-drawn plows and hand tools over fossil-fueled machinery to grow their produce. They use labor-intensive methods which allow them to harvest both early and late season vegetables. It’s what sets this farming cooperative apart, making them truly unique in our northern region. According to Al Weinrich, sales manager for Wisconsin Growers Cooperative, two

The Annual Membership Meeting for Valley Natural Foods will be held at Royal Cliff, 2280 Cliff Road, Eagan. An optional 35th Anniversary Dinner will precede the meeting. The Facility is located on the SW corner of Cliff Road and Cedar Avenue. Optional dinner tickets are on sale at Valley Natural Foods customer service thru October 8. Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available. Tickets are $30 per person. A cash bar is available. Dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. Arrive early to register for the meeting. Call 952-891-1212, ext. 221 for more information. Menu: Dinner entrees will be catered by Brianno's. Cake (free to all guests) will be provided by Valley Natural Foods, and Down in the Valley Bakehouse. Buffet dinner includes: Chicken breast with white wine sauce (gluten-free option available with no breading), Vegetable Lasagna, Green Beans Almondine and Parsley Buttered Potatoes. Attendees will receive a swag

by Loris Sofia Gregory, Healthy Kitchen Coach, Apple Valley, MN There is absolutely no excuse for not eating your vegetables this month. Stand in the Valley Natural Foods produce department, breathe in the delightful aromas of FRESH & LOCAL and be dazzled by the bountiful healthy rainbow of pure energy. We all tend to overestimate the number of vegetable and fruit servings we eat in a day. At every meal, reserve half your plate (at least) for fresh produce. Have you or anyone you know ever been in danger of eating too many nutrient dense, calorie sparse vegetables? Go ahead and immerse yourself in bushel baskets of the earthy deep-hued beets; crisp yellow and greens summer squashes; and the dark green broccoli crowns, cucumbers, and dandelion greens, topped off with the succulent yellow, orange and red varieties of melons and you

Front End Manager, Charlotte G., is a natural at making people smile through both her work and her hobby.  Charlotte’s passion of jewelry making started four years ago after she took a resin class at The Bead Monkey. Charlotte started by creating bottle cap pins.  Here’s how she does it.  The image gets sealed and glued into the bottle cap.  Then she allows 24 hours for the glue to dry.  Next she pours the resin and hopes for zero air bubbles.  She also creates beautiful pendants made from a 1 x 2 piece of glass. Charlotte uses all recycled paper to craft these beautiful pieces that typically consist of nice, vibrant colors and images or sayings.  Friends provide cards, magazine and catalogs and she shops for things that catch her eye at scrapbook stores and local art fairs.  In fact, “I have

Wash with a clean conscience!  Some may say it's magical.  Dr. Bronner's soaps are made with hemp and organic oils and are now certified fair trade. Valley Natural Foods carries ten varieties of great scents that can be used for multiple purposes.  Stop in our store and grab a recipe card for basic liquid laundry soap. Here's a tip from Dr. Bronner on using their Shikakai soaps: "Wet hair and scalp very thoroughly, squirt some soap into hands and work into a lather.  Wash hair, then rinse well.  Afterwards use our new citrus hair rinse and leave-in conditioners as directed." Our staff pick of the week is the Dr. Bronner's line of liquid and bar soaps just in time for Hemp History Week Check out Dr. Bronner's on Facebook! Hemp History Week is on Facebook!

If you like celebrating Cinco de Mayo, check out what your friendly neighborhood co-op has to offer to make the 5th of May a yummy day! Our produce department makes Garden Fresh Salsa! Being one of our best sellers, this salsa is made almost daily in order to keep up with demand! Pairs nicely with locally grown and produced Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips. Do you like guacamole? Pick up some organic avocados, and mash the flesh with a few spoonfuls of our salsa for the best tasting guacamole ever! Or purchase a delicious container of Yucatan Organic Guacamole for convenience! Visit our meat department for some awesome house-made Chorizo, made with Hidden Stream Farm pork and our own Chorizo spice recipe. Ask our staff for some great ideas on how to prepare it in the oven or on the grill! In the deli