Exciting Fruit Superstars!

The latest superstars to arrive on our produce shelves are these colorful and somewhat odd-shaped, exciting fruit varieties.

Dragon FruitExciting fruit salad with dragon and Starfruit

This pointy, odd-looking, edible fruit of a cactus species is also known as Pitaya. The inside flesh will either be bright white or deep red, and both types have a similar texture to kiwi fruit, with very mild, subtle flavors. The thin leathery “dragon-like” skin is very easy to slice or peel off the soft, inner flesh. For a refreshing and exciting fruit salad idea, cube up some mango, pineapple and jicama; toss together in a bowl. Top the fruit mixture with slices of peeled dragon fruit to give your tasty tropical fruit salad a very subtle white or vivid red color pop.

Star FruitExciting fruit - dragon and star fruits

The mildly tart-tasting, multi-ridged greenish-yellow star fruit is popular throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Hawaii and Florida. Star fruit is completely ripe when the skin appears mostly yellow, with some brown spots along the fruit’s ridges. Whole star fruit has five ridges lenghthwise, so when sliced crosswise, you get little star-shaped pieces! The stars make a fabulous presentation as a  fruit salad garnish, or can be enjoyed as is for healthy snacking. If you’re encouraging kids to try new fruits, this funny little fruit may very well become a star attraction.

Organic Champagne GrapesExciting fruit Champagne-Grapes

Tightly packed clusters of  numerous, tiny little grapes are what make Champagne grapes truly irresistible! When you bite into them, their delicate skin will burst open and you will relish an intense grape flavor with plenty of juice and no seeds. Champagne grapes are a fun accompaniment for a  cheese tray, especially when you separate the large bunches into smaller, bite-size clusters.




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