Expect the Unexpected with New Items in Produce!

Stroll through our produce department and you will find some new fresh faves – some returning for the season, some brand new to Valley Natural Foods – and all might not be quite what you expect!

 Amaranth Greens

Those into the ancient grains may recognize Amaranth seeds, but the leaves of the plant are also edible and are enjoyed around the world in countries like India, Indonesia and Malaysia. While Amaranth leaves have a slight bitterness to them when eaten raw in salads, they are most often used in cooked dishes such as stir fry and stews.  The red-colored greens are high in protein, iron and dietary fiber, among other amino acids such as Lysine.Yellow-Mini-Watermelon

 Mini Red and Yellow watermelons

Back in living color – red and yellow mini watermelons make their return to Valley! A perfect one-person size, the standard red and slightly-sweeter yellow varieties make a fun and festive addition to late-summer picnics and parties!

 Watermelon-RadishWatermelon Radishes

This heirloom variety of a daikon is green or white on the outside and pink or red in the center, giving them their watermelon moniker. While these beauties don’t taste anything like their namesake fruit, they tend to be slightly sweet with a little less pepper taste than other radishes. Sliced thinly, they make a beautiful addition to a summer salad.


Banana PeppersBanana-Pepper

Like the Watermelon Radishes, don’t expect a fruity taste from these mild and sweet chili peppers – they get their name from their color and shape only. Banana Peppers are perfect for pickling, top a mean pizza and also make a great vessel for stuffing.

 Lemon Basil

This fragrant herb carries with it a strong citrus scent and lemony flavor. Frequently used in Indonesian and Thai cuisine, the serrated leaves can be used in salads, curries, soups and rice dishes.


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