Making People Smile at Work and at Play

Front End Manager, Charlotte G., is a natural at making people smile through both her work and her hobby.  Charlotte’s passion of jewelry making started four years ago after she took a resin class at The Bead Monkey.

Charlotte started by creating bottle cap pins.  Here’s how she does it.  The image gets sealed and glued into the bottle cap.  Then she allows 24 hours for the glue to dry.  Next she pours the resin and hopes for zero air bubbles.  She also creates beautiful pendants made from a 1 x 2 piece of glass.

Charlotte uses all recycled paper to craft these beautiful pieces that typically consist of nice, vibrant colors and images or sayings.  Friends provide cards, magazine and catalogs and she shops for things that catch her eye at scrapbook stores and local art fairs.  In fact, “I have drawers and drawers of paper,” said Charlotte.

When asked how she finds the time to work on her passion she said, “That’s easy.  I make my jewelry while I watch TV.”

Her favorite piece was one of the first she created using a metal frame to pour resin into.  It’s a 1 x 2 Victorian pendant that looks like wallpaper and includes a stone embellishment.

What’s next on her creative to do list?  Possibly magnets.  “I’ve always been a little bit artsy-craftsy,” said Charlotte.  I come upon it naturally because of the influence of my mother and aunts.

Her lovely creations are sold at Valley Natural Foods near the customer service desk.  You can’t get any more local than staff-produced products!


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