Fresh, Local, Global: Holiday Superfoods and Healthy Spices

By: Loris Sofia Gregory, Healthy Kitchen Coach, Apple Valley, MN

Most of us look forward to traditional comfort foods this special time of year, usually anticipating the pleasurable sights, smells and tastes of our family holidays. What dishes are on your “must serve” holiday list? Does everyone in your family agree or do you stress yourself out trying to satisfy everyone’s favorite food memories? What about potential rising numbers on the bathroom scale during the next few months?  Just thinking about holiday cooking and eating does not have to raise your blood pressure. Holiday feasts and treats can include superfoods, offering more nutrition per calorie without straining your waistline or wallet. Click to read more about the fresh, local and global rainbow of holiday superfoods and spices to consider. These fresh foods offer power-packed energy and strong immunity for happier healthier holidays.


Are you ready for more inspiring coaching, tasty samples, recipes and support for super healthy happy holidays? I look forward to meeting you at my November class:

FRESH, LOCAL AND GLOBAL HOLIDAY FLAVORS, Tues, Nov 20, 6:30-8:30 pm. Register by Friday Noon, November 16 at customer service, by calling 952-891-1212 ext. 221 or online. Use coupon code #5130 for $3 off online registration.

Discover, explore and taste fresh, local and global holiday food traditions with new healthy twists. Health Coach Loris Sofia Gregory will demo and share ample samples, recipes and serving ideas for festive appetizers, snacks and meal ideas using fresh plant-based, gluten-free ingredients (and local when possible). Learn what traditional holiday foods and spices have “superfood” qualities, offering peak nutrients with minimal calories, expense and hours in the kitchen. Be inspired by special holiday products and local foods for standout entertaining and appreciative family meals. Take home fresh ideas and healthy recipes for eating well throughout the holidays and beyond. Bring your own favorite healthy holiday recipes to share!


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