Cinco de Mayo!

If you like celebrating Cinco de Mayo, check out what your friendly neighborhood co-op has to offer to make the 5th of May a yummy day!

Our produce department makes Garden Fresh Salsa! Being one of our best sellers, this salsa is made almost daily in order to keep up with demand! Pairs nicely with locally grown and produced Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips. Do you like guacamole? Pick up some organic avocados, and mash the flesh with a few spoonfuls of our salsa for the best tasting guacamole ever! Or purchase a delicious container of Yucatan Organic Guacamole for convenience!

Visit our meat department for some awesome house-made Chorizo, made with Hidden Stream Farm pork and our own Chorizo spice recipe. Ask our staff for some great ideas on how to prepare it in the oven or on the grill!

In the deli you will find delicious Aztec Quinoa Salad at our service counter. We’re also carrying Campesino Fresco Authentic Mexican Cheese and Quesadilla Cheese in our specialty cheese cooler. Just ask our deli staff for Cinco de Mayo suggestions!

And don’t forget the cake! Our popular Mexican Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting is always a hit for Cinco de Mayo or any occasion!


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