Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Valley Natural Foods has everything you need for Cinco de Mayo!

Deli Department:  Visit our hot foods bar and serve yourself up a nice Cinco de Mayo plate (or to-go box) for lunch or dinner. Our deli will be cooking up delicious chicken enchiladas, tacos with all the fixings, and tasty mexican sides. Enjoy your meal in our eat area, or even outside on our patio if the weather is nice!

Meat Department: If grilling something special for tomorrow is your preference, stop by our meat department and pick up a package or two of our homemade Chorizo sausage links, made right here using our own Down in the Valley pork, fresh from Hidden Stream Farm. Spicy aroma is sure to sizzle from your grill when you grill this tasty sausage!  Or, slice some onions and jalepeno or green peppers, and place in a roasting pan with the Chorizo. Pop into the oven at 300 degrees and bake for about 45 minutes. Serve as a main course.

Produce Department: It wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without our famous garden fresh salsa, made here by our own produce staff. It’s actually one of our best sellers year round and we can barely keep up with the demand, so we make it almost everyday–now that’s really fresh! For a quick recipe idea, mash the flesh of a couple of avocados, and add several spoonfuls of our Garden Fresh Salsa to taste. You may get feedback  from your family or friends that this may be the best tasting guacamole ever (and with very little effort)! Oh, and we love our Garden Fresh Salsa (or guacamole) served with Whole Grain Milling Tortilla Chips (big yellow bag located near our salsa!)

Grocery Department: We carry many varieties of salsas in jars too, as well as other mexican canned and boxed food items for convenience-cooking, but still festive!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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