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Green Spotlight:  Notes from Nancy GrantCooking and serving lots of tasty foods from the deli kitchen takes great recipes and attention to the tiniest details. That includes thinking about energy use, water consumption, and ways to prevent waste.Deli manager Jill Webster says the job’s easier because she’s surrounded by helpful “green thinking” team members.Valley Natural Foods co-op general manager Susan McGaughey believes in purchasing the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances available that save money in operating expenses in the long run. Today’s co-op kitchen features large stand mixers, slicers, a high-tech convection oven, plus a ten-rack “combi” oven that can steam and bake different kinds of foods at the same time. Such multi-tasking is simple with programmable controls that help prevent energy waste.Webster also counts on her keen-eyed deli staff members to turn off equipment when it’s not needed. Webster says

 Do you know this woman? We do! It’s Susan McGaughey, our general manager at Valley Natural Foods. Not only do we know this woman, we hold her in the highest regard as fellow member-owner, leader and friend. If you were to look at the growth of Valley Natural Foods under her direction, you would see a steady line of annual increase. So we also know what she can do. Over the past 30 years Susan has applied her steady leadership and committed her serving heart to Valley Natural Foods. And she has had good company along the way. Kathleen Boegemann, operations manager of our co-op, was recently honored at an all-staff meeting for her 20 years of service. Both women have been committed to excellence, sharing a long-time journey and friendship. Their commitment to excellence has garnered Valley Natural Foods several