Local Producer Spotlight: Angelic Bakehouse


According to the U.S. News and World Report, the Mediterranean diet is a smarter, healthier, dietary lifestyle. In fact, it was even named the healthiest dietary lifestyle overall – characterized by consuming plenty of produce, fish, olive oil, and bread. The problem? Many Americans misunderstand carbs, and more specifically, gluten.

With the rise of the ketogenic diet and its focus on high-fat foods combined with almost no carbohydrates, breads have been unfairly added to many “Off Limits” food lists. Paired with the rise of the ‘wellness’ movement that features less-science-backed studies, carbs have been pushed to the back of cupboards or removed from shopping lists altogether.

But all carbs aren’t bad — or created equal!

And that’s exactly the mindset of the husband and wife team behind Angelic Bakehouse have worked to share with the masses.

‘Great nutritional benefits’ and ‘great tasting’ shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Food can’t (and shouldn’t) just be nutritious! It should taste fantastic too – especially considering how many people wouldn’t be able to maintain a lifestyle that focuses on nutrition without recognizing taste as a major factor? For many of us, that’s a dietary lifestyle that is doomed to fail.

Angelic Bakehouse prioritizes all-around carb goodness where your bread can be guilt-free and your carb-y snacks aren’t unhealthy or worse, reminiscent of the cardboard in your recycling bin.

Healthy foods, but better!

Based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Angelic Bakehouse was founded with a simple mission — elevate the food our family is eating.

By bringing food back to its roots, Angelic Bakehouse, led by James and Jenny Morino, has been able to create nutritious, delicious, good-for-you bread, wraps, crackers, crisps, buns, and crusts. The special ingredient that makes it possible? Sprouted grains.

Made from whole grains that have started to sprout, this special ingredient in every Angelic Bakehouse product makes them not only delicious with an extra punch of flavor but better for you with added nutritional benefits. Freshly sprouted grains are pressed directly into the dough to really bring out the flavor. This process makes the grains a bit sweeter which eliminates the need to use any refined sugar – something you’ll never find in Angelic products.

Added BONUS!

The sprouting process increases antioxidants, B vitamins levels, and aids digestion due to the high amount of fiber – a definite perk since 95% of people are fiber deficient!

But you don’t have to take our word for it. PEOPLE Magazine named Angelic Bakehouse’s Turmeric Sweet Potato Garden Wraps ‘Best Wrap’ in the 2019 PEOPLE Food Awards.

Need another reason to try sprouted grains? All Angelic Bakehouse products are whole grain, non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, and allergen-free. It’s time to rethink carbs in America and it won’t take long to consider adding sprouted grains to your regular diet once trying any Angelic Bakehouse product!


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