January 2014

Quiet and introspective, Gary Johnson, Community Relations Developer at Valley Natural Foods, is always interested in infusing his life with more culture and learning, especially as it relates to utilizing the environment’s resources in sustainable ways to grow food and to craft useful structures.  Sometimes throughout this journey he is surprised with inspiration, often discovered in the most unusual places. Thus, Johnson’s trail into the world of daily tea drinking was a stumble upon of sorts, not as lineal as most. Flipping through the channels a few years ago, Johnson came across a series of documentaries on Twin Cities Public television (PBS) about St. John’s Pottery in Collegeville, Minnesota, which is part of St. John University’s campus.  Fascinated and engrossed with the intricate pottery creations of artist-in-residence, Richard Bresnahan, Johnson immediately wanted to not only visit the studio, but he wanted

Click to discover everything that is happening during our Teas The Season event January 20 - 26, 2014 at Valley Natural Foods! Those that like to drink hot tea often speak a language unbeknownst to most non tea-drinking folk.  Ian, who works in Valley Natural Foods’ deli, rattled off the words Gunpowder green, oolong, China pu-erh, Darjeeling and Earl Gray as his favorites, making the diversity and plethora of the teas available immediately apparent. Perhaps one needs a tea connoisseur degree to keep up! Ian has a leg up on most as his knowledge of tea goes back to his childhood. His Mom loved to have "tea time" every day, at what she referred to as “11zies.”  In fact, Ian drank so much tea as a child and teen that he thought it was a normal thing that every kid did. As an

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