Family owned and operated since 1989, Kadejan has been raising and processing poultry through hard work and an honest approach. Today they provide markets with free-range chickens that are antibiotic free, minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients of fillers. Kadejan chickens are air-chilled—meaning they contain no added water or solutions—and then cut, trimmed and packaged by hand. The end result is a more tender and flavorful product for your table. Kadejan's farm is located in Northwestern Minnesota in Glenwood. Find Kadejan chicken in our meat department. For more on Kadejan chicken head to the following links: http://www.kadejan.com/chicken/ https://www.facebook.com/kadejanmarket/

In the midst of the transition from summer fruits and veggies we get the super fruit that is the pomegranate. The fruit itself is in seed form underneath thick red skin, and offers a challenge for those seeking the vibrantly flavored fruit. The super fruit designation comes from the fact that pomegranate juice is super high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful in helping cells fight off damage from free radicals which can come from exposure to air pollutants, chemicals and UV rays. Antioxidants are said to fight off cancer. Pomegranates are also high in Vitamin C and Vitamin K. Vitamin C is essential for many processes in the body. Vitamin C also of course helps boost immunity. See below for more information about this super fruit and how to use them. Pomegranate Health Benefits Very high in antioxidants High in Vitamin C and K

I can’t believe Easter is this Sunday and I’m sure many people feel the same! In addition, I haven’t completed any of the shopping needed yet for the dinner I’m attending. Perhaps this sounds familiar? For those attending a dinner, it is a nice gesture to bring either an appetizer, a dish to pass or a dessert. For those hosting and preparing the meal, getting that signature ham or those potatoes for the side dish for example, is essential. Then of course many people may not make a dinner, but instead a delicious, simple Easter brunch for their families. Therefore, I started shopping the co-op to see what goodies I could come up with to help people in all of these different Easter scenarios. Here are several ideas I discovered in my shopping journey.   1. Springy Appetizer or Simple Dessert When you think about appetizers, many

Our staff chose cranberry salsa as a product they love and want to share with you, our customers, this week from November 15  through November 21. Timi, who works in Valley Natural Foods’ produce department, chose to share her story as to why she loves this product. When one thinks about the holidays, it is easy to think about traditions. However, as Timi asks, how many green bean casseroles do you really need? While traditions are comforting and full of memories, sometimes it is fun to be different and to bring unique and diverse foods to family gatherings. What is more unique than a mix of minced cranberries, jalapenos, red onions, cilantro, lime juice and honey to create our produce department’s house-made cranberry salsa? For Timi, she had never seen anything quite like it, especially the combination of jalapenos and cranberries, which produces a sweet and

Here's a sneak peek of the new logo! Soon we will be unveiling a fresh, new look for Valley Natural Foods. Large visual changes are in progress now through August including removal of existing vinyl graphics and a fresh coat of paint. Project goal: The goal of the project is to make things clearer and easier to find in the store. Fresh Values Our values haven’t changed, but you’ll see some changes in our appearance to better reflect our values, as well as the quality of the products we offer to our customers. Project Steps We talked to staff members and owners and collected a consensus for what Valley Natural Foods really “looks” like. Did you know we were originally organized by a group of families looking for healthy food? Keeping in mind the history and the mission of the business along with feedback we developed

Summer vacation and warm weather brings thirsty kids to the kitchen looking for something to drink. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly advises against energy drinks for children and adolescents because of high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. Doctors only advise sports drinks during or after rigorous exercise because of the sugar content (concern for obesity and dental caries). What can we do to keep kids hydrated and satisfied during the active summer months? 1. Water, water and more water! Mineral waters are especially helpful on those hot, active days when kids need to replenish electrolytes lost during vigorous play. The Kids Health website: http://goo.gl/u4ZA99 gives the perfect explanation for children, telling them why water is important and how much they should be drinking. 2. Healthier sports drinks. For those hottest days when kids are active outside, you can make healthy

Give yourself an antioxidant tea boost. Green and white teas are very high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help the liver and cells of the body clear toxins from the environment and those toxins created by normal body metabolism. The removal of toxins helps boost the immune system. Fruity teas that contain blueberry, rooibos, lemon and orange are pleasant tasting and full of antioxidants. Better digestion ahead. Drinking tea can help more than just building a healthy immune system. Tea can ease digestion issues. Teas for improving digestion might include ginger, peppermint, fennel, slippery elm and papaya. Trouble catching z’s? The warmth of tea along with soothing ingredients can make you sleep better. Tulsi teas that are Holy Basil based and those teas that contain chamomile, lavender and hibiscus can be calming and may promote a sleepy feeling. Detox your body with tea. Teas that might be used

[caption id="attachment_21729" align="alignright" width="357"] Valley Natural Foods management team and board of directors team-up to engage in a holiday cook-off together.[/caption] Host a Holiday Cook-off Looking for a great party idea? How about a holiday cook-off! Gather up friends and family members and have some fun showing off your cooking skills together. You’re likely to get to know each other on a whole new level. Even those that are not experts in the kitchen can have some good foodie fun. The Valley Natural Foods board of directors hosted a holiday gathering and put some Valley Natural Foods staff to work in a board member’s kitchen. We created two main dishes, appetizers and an array of healthy salads. It was similar to a mini Top Chef challenge. [caption id="attachment_21730" align="alignright" width="256"] The event involves a plethora of ingredients and wine of course.[/caption] Here’s what you do: Determine a food

Save 20% on select  digestive enzymes on November 13! The holidays are synonymous with lots of entertaining which often involves cooking and eating a lot of food! However, sometimes all that extra food doesn't make us feel so well. That's where digestive enzymes can help! So when you are stocking up on groceries for your Thanksgiving dinner on November 13, don't forget the digestive enzymes as select enzymes from brands, including Enzymedica, Garden of Life, Mega Food, Source Naturals (gluten and lactose enzymes), and Country  Life will be 20% off! If you don't know which one would be right for you, our wellness department staff would love to help you out so don't be afraid to ask! Why take digestive enzymes? Longtime wellness department employee, Naomi Lundberg, provides some important reasons why: Digestive enzymes are important for a variety of reasons. They are key components of the digestive process as

We live in a world of chemicals. Our bodies’ compounds echo the building blocks of nature: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen. So massaging more chemicals into our skin in the form of cosmetics shouldn’t be a problem, but it is. Six years ago, at age 50, Viktoriya Hopperstad found herself with itchy, flaky skin. Creams she usually used provided no relief. A doctor diagnosed her from a textbook, leaving her unimpressed and scratching her head. A trip to Hawaii and the introduction to macadamia nut oil—known for its creamy, indulgent qualities—flipped a switch for Viktoriya Hopperstad and brought her to a new understanding of skincare and the application of chemicals. From this experience, Vika’s Essentials began to germinate. Business Takes Root “Five years ago, I totally reconsidered what I was doing,” she recalled. “One day I decided, that’s enough.” Viktoriya Hopperstad, a 15-year