November 2014

by Susan Budig Think of the beehive as a singular animal, Dustin Vanasse co-owner with his spouse, Grace Vanasse, of Bare Honey tells me. The individual bee is like a cell of the body programmed to work its own specific task. As the bee ages, which is measured in days rather than years, its duty changes. The beehive is a complex, highly developed, social animal that brings us a wide variety of consumable honey, as well as pollen, beeswax, propolis and more. Bare Honey bees enjoy the luxury of the craftsmanship of a Warré hive, a stable habitat, and chemical-free living both in their food sources and living environment. These three features form the basis of Bare Honey’s distinctively nutritious product. Winnie-the-Pooh Hive Bare Honey bees live in a hive designed over a hundred years ago by French apiarist, Abbé Émile Warré. The hive mimics  a hollowed out tree, a common location for a beehive in nature. Vanasse likens its style

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