February 2014

In the past, residents of Burnsville, Sheryl Haugland and her husband Ross, always passed Valley Natural Foods and maybe stopped in once or twice, but their eating habits were not the best and they didn’t think much about it. It wasn’t until Ross realized that his chronic headaches were related to eating too many processed foods, did the couple seek out some alternatives, one being shopping regularly at Valley Natural Foods.  The couple committed to making a healthy lifestyle change as a family.  They began by purchasing sprouted grain bread in their desire to stay away from white flour and that led to experimenting and cooking with many other fresh organic foods.  Sheryl indicates that organic food not only tastes better than conventionally grown goods, but it makes her feel better too, giving her more energy and mental clarity to make

Open your pantry and pull out 11 ingredients from your shelves: oats, honey, applesauce, dry milk, bananas, raisins, orange juice, almonds, eggs, cinnamon and vanilla. Mix all together, pour into pan, bake, cut and refrigerate. Make enough for one thousand bars. Do your bars stand up to Five Friends Food Fresh Bar? It took twin brothers, Will Handke and Ross Pomeroy (different last names, but twins none-the-less), dozens and dozens of batches before they devised the right combination for flavor and texture. They also kept in mind freshness, portability and food safety as regulated by the state of Minnesota. Fresh Bar maintains the nutritional values of what makes a great snack bar. Fresh Bar Quest “I was sitting in zoology class and feeling hungry, but I didn’t want to eat the [snack bar] in my backpack,” says Pomeroy, co-owner and manufacturer of Five Friends Food that