Can You Say Cheese?!

Join us Wednesday, August 16 through Saturday, August 19, 2017 for a Cheese Party! Each day we will have different samplings and demonstrations at the kiosk.

Try Local Cheese Favorites

Sample Wisconsin-made cheese varieties including Pasture Pride “Juusto” Baked Cheese, Deer Creek Cheddar Cheeses and Widmer Aged Cheddar Cheeses.

Try New Artisanal Alpine-Style Cheeses

Made locally in Wisconsin, these Alpine-Style cheeses are crafted by innovative chefs and cheesemakers at Yellow Door Creamery. We will be bringing in their Abondance-inspired “Monteau” and Gruyere-inspired “Altu” Cheese varieties for the party.

Experience an Aged Cheddar Cheese Progression

The aging (or ripening) of cheese allows the flavor and texture to develop. Different types of cheeses have different factors to consider when ripening like temperature, humidity and handling processes. The quality and type of milk also plays a huge factor in the aging process.  Come experience and taste the difference between 2-year, 4-year and 6-year aged cheddar cheeses.

Watch a Fresh Wheel of Parmesan Being Cracked Open

See an 80 lb. wheel of fresh Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese be cracked open at the demo kiosk. An expert will use special tools to crack open a fresh wheel of Parmesan cheese which will then be available for purchase.

See Fresh Mozzarella Being Pulled

Come watch Valley Natural Foods Board Members pull fresh mozzarella at the kiosk. They have been trained in this technique and will be using local curds to form fresh mozzarella balls which will then be available for purchase.



Wednesday, August 16,2017

11am-2pm Sample Pasture Pride’s Juusto Baked Cheese near the Cheese Department

11am-2pm Sample Deer Creek’s Robin Colby, Rattlesnake Tequila Pepper Cheddar and Vat 17 Sharp Cheddar at our Demo Kiosk

3pm-6pm Experience Widmer’s Cheddar Cheese Aging Progression Tasting with 2-year, 4-year and 6-year aged cheddars


Thursday, August 17

12pm-3pm Sample Cypress Grove’s Purple Haze and Midnight Moon Goat Cheeses


Friday, August 18

11am-2pm Sample Yellow Door Alpine-Style Cheeses

3pm-6pm Watch an 80 lb. Wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese being cracked open


Saturday, August 19

11am-1pm Meet and Watch Board Members Pull Fresh Mozzarella Cheese


PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.



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