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It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is already here! We have plenty of options at Valley Natural Foods to treat the women in your life and help them feel special. If your mom likes to be pampered, our wellness department offers a variety of natural body care, beauty and home good products. Browse some of our local favorites like SunLeaf Naturals, Wyndmere Naturals and Veriditas. Also you can pick out your favorite essential oils, room mists or candles for mom. If your mom likes to garden, check out our Garden Center opening Thursday, May 10, at 10 am! Come browse the local varieties of floral, mixed herb and succulent hanging baskets. The Garden Center will remain open until Sunday, June 17, 2018. If your mom has a sweet tooth, you can bring her a house-made decorated cake. Available in White Almond or Mexican Chocolate flavors, these cakes are

Whether it's a patio party, graduation gathering or family picnic, Valley Natural Foods can bring the freshest values to your celebration table. Let us help you get back to basics for a party everyone will remember. Need a homemade cake for graduation, birthdays or other celebrations? Our deli makes amazing cakes using decorating colors made from natural plant-based ingredients. Inscriptions and standard decorations are included - there is an additional charge for custom decorations.  Choose from: Cake:  White Almond, Mexican or Milk Chocolate, Pumpkin, Carrot Frosting:  Classic or Chocolate Buttercream, Cream Cheese Vegan Cake:  White Almond, Mexican Chocolate Vegan Frosting:  Vegan Classic or Vegan Chocolate Buttercream A variety of sizes for just what you need: 6” round layer (8 – 10 servings) 8” round layer (12 – 16 servings) 1/4-sheet cake (18 – 20 servings) 1/2-sheet cake (30 – 40 servings) Full-sheet cake (80-100 servings) Call to order your cake today! 952.891.1212 x228 A limited

Valentine's Day is here! Valley Natural Foods has got you covered and has plenty of options of thoughtful last-minute Valentine's Day gifts for the people in your life. Flowers This one is a classic. Giving flowers to someone special is bound to light up their day. We currently have a variety of bouquets of flowers from the vibrant to classic roses. We also have single roses available. Find these lovelies in our produce section as well as the demo kiosk for a limited time. Chocolate Another time-honored gift is chocolate. At Valley, we have a great variety of chocolate, perfect for any type of connoisseur on your list. We carry milk and dark chocolate in many forms from fair-trade to vegan. Sweet Treats If you are in need of a gift to share, Valentine's Day cakes are a great option. We also have heart-shaped brownies, cookies and cookie

  Gameday is the perfect excuse to eat good food and root for your favorite team. Keep reading below to get inspiration for game day recipes. CAULIFLOWER NACHOS Corn tortilla chips smothered with melted cheese and then topped with seasoned cauliflower, fresh garden salsa, avocados, cilantro and smoked sea salt. Add as much smoked sea salt as desired and top with sliced jalapenos for added heat. Get the recipe here. ZESTY MAPLE GLAZED WINGS & DRUMMIES A sweet maple-glaze with a zesty-kick of red pepper flake will make these chicken wings and drummies the talk of your Game Day Party! Get the recipe here. BAGEL PIZZAS Bagel Pizzas are the perfect quick and easy meal for busy schedules. Simply place sauce, cheese and toppings on your favorite bagel and bake! You can even browse our salad bar for quick toppings like shredded chicken, olives, sliced peppers, or onions. Get the recipe here. EASY CHUNKY AVOCADO SALSA An

Use items already prepared from Valley Natural Foods to make easy and flavorful dishes. GORGONZOLA CHEESE BALL Use as a topping on baked potatoes Crumble on a salad Stuff chicken breasts or mushroom caps MEGA OMEGA SALMON SALAD Make hors d’oeuvres by using Belgian endive leaves or cucumber rounds as a base - then garnish with a sprig of fresh dill Create mini sandwiches using cocktail rye with butter and garnished with a sprig of parsley Create a Mega Omega Pasta Salad - view recipe HERE Use leftover mashed potatoes to make Mega Omega Salmon Cakes - view recipe HERE SANTA FE BLACK BEAN SALAD Use our Santa Fe Black Bean salad to make quesadillas - view recipe HERE - or purchase our ready-made quesadillas Fresh salsa from our produce department and sour cream are great accompaniments to this customer favorite SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE

Finding gifts for the holidays can be a tiny bit stressful. So we're here to help with our co-op gift guides! In this edition, we're focusing on cheeses. These are all hand-picked by our resident cheese specialist. Blue Cheeses 1. Big Woods Blue, Shepherds Way Farms This is a Minnesota-made sheep's milk cheese with a complex flavor. 2. Glacier Blue, Carr Valley Cheese Glacier is a Penta Creme (meaning 5 cream) decadent Wisconsin cheese. These pair well with: Fine local honey Fig jam Wheat bread Port Wine Cab Sauvignon Soft Cheeses 3. Belloux Cheese, Yellow Door Creamery The name of this cheese translates to "little belly" and has a sweet and milky flavoring. 4. St. Stephen, Four Fat Fowl This is a triple cream, soft-ripened cheese that is also locally-sourced, small batch and all-natural. These pair well with: Dry white wine Strawberries Fruit Pinot Noir Gouda Cheeses 5. Jeff's Select, Caves of Faribault The cayenne rub on

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a Halloween Party or if you just want to have some fun with the family, these treats will surely get you into the spirit! Tricks to Make Your Own Treats Making your own scary treats can be half of the fun. You and your guests will enjoy eating them as much as you enjoyed making them. Fruit Monsters To make fruit monsters, cut an apple into 4 wedges. Next, on the side of the apple that still has skin on it, use a knife to cut out an indent for the mouth. Be careful not to cut all the way through because then you would have to start over.  Now you have your canvas for a scary face. Use things like slivered almonds, marshmallows, sunflower seeds or pepitas for teeth. You can get the teeth to

Join us Wednesday, August 16 through Saturday, August 19, 2017 for a Cheese Party! Each day we will have different samplings and demonstrations at the kiosk. Try Local Cheese Favorites Sample Wisconsin-made cheese varieties including Pasture Pride “Juusto” Baked Cheese, Deer Creek Cheddar Cheeses and Widmer Aged Cheddar Cheeses. Try New Artisanal Alpine-Style Cheeses Made locally in Wisconsin, these Alpine-Style cheeses are crafted by innovative chefs and cheesemakers at Yellow Door Creamery. We will be bringing in their Abondance-inspired “Monteau” and Gruyere-inspired “Altu” Cheese varieties for the party. Experience an Aged Cheddar Cheese Progression The aging (or ripening) of cheese allows the flavor and texture to develop. Different types of cheeses have different factors to consider when ripening like temperature, humidity and handling processes. The quality and type of milk also plays a huge factor in the aging process.  Come experience and taste the difference between

On-tap kombucha is here and it’s a local favorite! We are now serving Bootlegger Brewing Organic Kombucha on-tap near our Juice Bar. On-tap kombucha is available to purchase in single-serve cups or Bootlegger Brewing 32 oz. growlers. For refills we are only accepting Bootlegger Brewing Growlers at this time. Flavors We will have 4 flavors on-tap including: Sturdy Girl Apple Cinnamon Lookout Lemon Berry Hearty Woodsman Ginger Seasonal flavor Pricing Single-serve cups can be purchased at the Juice Bar only and are available in the following sizes: 12 oz. cup for $2.99 16 oz. cup for $3.99 20 oz. cup for $4.99 New growlers and growler refills can be purchased at either the Juice Bar or with a cashier at checkout. Pricing is as follows: A filled 32 oz. Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $11.99* A 32 oz. refill of a Bootlegger Brewing Growler for $6.99* *To prevent

Making Summer Get-Togethers a Breeze! The highly anticipated season of summer gatherings is here! We’re here to help you throw a low-stress summer get-together. Whether you’re preparing all the food or just the main course here are some ideas to get you started: Make as much as you can ahead of time. Preparing a day in advance leaves the fun tasks like decorating and food presentation for the day of your party. Dips, desserts and cold salads can easily be prepared the day before, but leave the vegetable and fruit cutting until the day of. You can also marinate meat, vegetables or tofu for the grill the day before to give your dishes that extra flavor boost. Keep it Simple. Don’t feel like you have to make a seven course meal. It’s okay to supplement your main course with already prepared side dishes. Our deli offers