We Love our Emerald Pineapple Smoothie

The whole idea behind smoothies, hence the name, is that they are healthy, smooth drinks full of chunks of blended fruits or vegetables. You can also add liquid (fruit juice, milk, or yogurt), ice and nutritional add-ons such as protein powders for a consistent texture to meet your individual taste desires. Click here for tips on making your own smoothies from National Co-op Grocers.

However, dependent upon the amount of liquid, and the fruits and vegetables used, some smoothies are not as smoothly blended as others.

And have you ever been on a quest to find the smoothest smoothie of them all? My quest ended when I tried our Emerald Pineapple Smoothie, available in our deli’s Coffee and Juice Bar. Our employees love this smoothie so much they chose it as their “Love List” item of the week! It’s a great treat to get prior to that weekly shopping trip!

The bananas and kefir in this smoothie make its texture creamier and smoother than anything I’ve tasted and the pineapple juice adds a very balanced sweetness. Yet you may be asking what creates the emerald color of this smoothie? Could it be spinach?

It’s not spinach, but spirulina, which is a microscopic algae powder that is very concentrated with protein, chlorophyll, iron, B vitamins and antioxidants.

What’s more, you can’t deny the powerhouse of health benefits that pineapples and bananas offer. In addition to the high concentration of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, beta carotene, calcium, B6, thiamin and folate, pineapples also contain a helpful enzyme I wasn’t even aware of until recently. The enzyme, called bromelain, is associated with its ability to digest and break down complex proteins, making it have positive anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects. This is especially important this time of year as bromelain works to prevent illnesses that lead to excessive mucus and phlegm build-up, helping loosen and eliminate those infectious toxins from the body.

Similar to pineapples, bananas are also high in fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, and B6, which provides you with heightened heart health and cardiovascular support.

Yet all the health benefits aside, let’s just go back to the fact that this smoothie is smooth as silk and it tastes so sinfully good, it is hard to believe it is good for you! But rest assured it is…so enjoy every last slurp!

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