Celebrate National Root Beer Float Day!

Sunday, August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day, and what better way to celebrate than coming into Valley Natural Foods and visiting our demo kiosk from 11am – 1pm. We will be serving up refreshing samples of this summer favorite using Alden’s Ice Cream and Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer.

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream is committed to making ice cream with no GMO’s, no artificial flavorings or colorings, no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, no carrageenan and no high fructose corn syrup.

Hansen’s Sodas are new to Valley Natural Foods and are free from artificial flavors, sodium and caffeine and are sweetened with real cane sugar and natural flavors. Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer is just that; creamy, delicious and refreshing!

Origins of the Root Beer Float

Ever wondered how the Root Beer Float came about? Well we did a little research and found that it all started in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Frank J. Wisner was the owner of Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company and was looking out his window one night and thinking about all the soda waters that were booming in his town. As he peered out into the night sky he looked at the snow-capped Cow Mountain in the distance and all he could think of was a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Then the idea hit him, he ran down to his bar and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a Myers Avenue Red Root Beer to his glass and tried it. He loved it so much that he decided to serve it the very next day and it was an instant success. He named his new concoction “Black Cow Mountain” which was then shortened to “Black Cow”. To this day Root Beer Floats are still a favorite among ice cream lovers and many recipes have been created since the first initial Root Beer Float in 1893.

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