Vendor Profile: Maple Valley Cooperative is Sweet on Sustainability

At Maple Valley, taking care of our forests means providing your family with the most delicious and nutritious maple syrup possible. It also means doing our part to help with Climate Change, provide Sustainable Agriculture, and support the growing Cooperative Economy!

For Your Health:  Organic maple syrup is not only a sweetener for your diet, but also a nutritious superfood, rich with 54 researched antioxidants and vital minerals that are neutral to alkaline producing for the body. With a lower glycemic index, Maple syrup doesn’t spike blood sugar as fast as most sweeteners and is naturally gluten free. Maple Valley maple syrup is Certified Organic and Kosher, with an extra purity pledge from our farmers for Vegan compliance (No butter or bacon for defoaming use in the sugar shack evaporation process.)  Equal parts fresh squeezed lemon juice and our maple syrup, with 4-5 times the amount of good water added, makes for an invigorating morning health tonic. (See more at

For the Health of Our Planet: Forests provide oxygen and help clean the air as well as rain, offering healthier water to aquifers and streams. Our trees also store an incredible amount of carbon in their roots, trunks, and branches.  With every gallon of maple syrup Maple Valley produces, up to 100 lbs of carbon are sequestered from our atmosphere, reducing impact on climate change.  Maple forests are native to North America and can provide maple sap for over 200 years. As a perennial food source, maple syrup production does not require annual tilling nor enable heavy soil erosion. Forests tend to hold soil in place!

Green Energy at Maple Valley: We partner with our local wind turbine initiative in Cashton, Wisconsin to fully power our headquarters and gluten free bottling facility.

Maple Valley’s Sustainable Business Model: We’re a fellow Cooperative that’s farmer, employee, and customer owned, offering our farmers good pricing for their Certified Organic maple syrup. We’re committed to working with you to co-create a vibrant, cooperative economy. At Maple Valley, we love our woodlands and their gift of precious maple syrup–We feel honored and grateful to pass this sweet gift on to you!

From our Family of Farms to Your Family Table,

Thanks for Choosing Maple Valley!


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  • August 20, 2017

    Michelle Springsteen

    I have just switched brands from Trader Joe’s syrup to Maple Valley. We need a completely gluten-free facility handling our foods. Love the post and all that you stand for. thank you!


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