Going Beyond the Basic Grape

Grapes have always been the perfect summertime treat. Sweet and juicy with a pleasant pop, no party fruit tray would be complete without them, and their size makes for convenient eating on-the-go or straight out of the fridge. But let’s face it – while tasty, the basic options of Red vs. Green (and sometimes Black) haven’t made for much excitement over the years.

Growers such as Divine Flavors have begun to change the grape landscape with new and exciting varieties that are unexpected in shape, color and flavor. And the best part is – they are certified organic!

 Cotton Candy Grapes

Cotton candy: an image that spins up memories of county fairs, parades, circuses and baseball games – not to mention sticky fingers. Let’s face it, as fondly as we remember the sweet taste of cotton candy, the confection consists of sugar and artificial flavor and coloring.


Cotton Candy grapes taste amazingly like the spun sugar you’d get at summertime events.  This green varietal that looks, smells and feels like a regular grape on the vine, owes its candy-like appeal to cross-breeding different varieties of grapes until the growers found one where a vanilla flavor, the main flavoring used in pink cotton candy, was present. That’s right: cotton candy grapes are 100% natural – no genetic modification or added sugars or flavors are necessary.

They are great for kids during the summer as a healthier alternative to candy and other sweets, with vitamin C, natural sugars and 90 calories per serving. Made for out of hand eating, they can also be paired with cheeses, or even frozen for a cool summer snack!

 Sweet Sapphire Grapes

Also known as “Witch’s Fingers”, Sweet Sapphire grapes have the same deep, sweet flavor as regular black grapes, but come in a fun and somewhat spooky elongated shape, like fingers on a hand. Sweet Sapphires are firm, crisp, and extremely juicy. The cylindrical shape makes them perfect for fruit trays with a yogurt-based dip, paired with a salty cheese to contrast its sweetness, or roasted and mixed in with bitter greens for a summertime salad.

Of course, they’re also the ultimate “finger food!”

Like the Cotton Candy grapes, Sweet Sapphires are certified organic. No genetic modification, just good old-fashioned plant breeding resulted in the new, interesting variety. Divine Flavor uses no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers, using growing methods that protect the soil, the air and the water  – as well as your family.

 Get them while they last

These specialty grapes from Mexico are available for a limited time, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. So stop into Valley Natural Foods and pick up some strange and surprising table grapes today!

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