Shopping Organic on a Budget Just Got Easier

co+opbasicsWith spring arriving, we all are thinking about spring-cleaning, but it’s also the time to have a field day stocking up on Field Day products! Field Day products make up Valley Natural Foods’ Co+op Basics program, which offers everyday low prices on many popular organic grocery and household items.
Be sure to take a field trip to the co-op from March 30-April 12, 2016 as you will find, for this limited time only, that many select Field Day products are available at even lower prices. Shopping organic on a budget just got easier as this is the bargain sale if there ever was one.

Hint, hint, there are many meal ideas you can utilize these items for, including spaghetti, tacos, bean soups, peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, salads and more!

Below is a listing of many of the Field Day products you will find on sale from March 30-April 12, 2016 only:

Field Day Organic Elbow Pasta, 16 oz., Organic Penne, 15 oz., Organic Spaghetti, 16 oz., & Organic Angel Hair Capellini, 16 oz.– 2/$3   Regular Price: $1.69/each


Field Day Organic Pasta Sauce, 26 oz., selected varieties – 2/$4  Regular Price: $2.39/each

Field Day Organic Salad Dressing, 8 oz., selected varieties
– $1.99/each  Regular Price: $2.29/each

Field Day Organic Salsa, 16 oz. – 2/$5  
Regular $2.99/each

Field Day Organic Tortilla Chips, 8 oz. – $1.99/each  Regular $2.29/each

Field Day Organic toasted Wheat Crackers, 7 oz. – 2/$4 Regular Price $2.69

 Field Day Organic Beans, 15 oz., selected varieties – 5/$5   Regular Price: $1.29/each

crackersField Day Organic Refried Beans, 15 oz., selected varieties – 5/$5


Field Day Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 oz. – $3.39/each    Regular Price: $3.99/each

Field Day Non-GMO Canola Oil, 32 oz. –  $2.99/each   Regular Price: $3.sparkling-water99/each

Field Day Organic Peanut Butter, 18 oz., selected varieties – 2/$7  Regular Price: $4.69/each

Field Day Sparkling Water, 33.8 oz., selected varieties – 69¢/each   Regular Price: 99¢/each

Field Day Recycled Bath Tissue, 12 ct. – $5.99  Regular Price:



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