Author: Evan Friedley

 Do you know this woman? We do! It’s Susan McGaughey, our general manager at Valley Natural Foods. Not only do we know this woman, we hold her in the highest regard as fellow member-owner, leader and friend. If you were to look at the growth of Valley Natural Foods under her direction, you would see a steady line of annual increase. So we also know what she can do. Over the past 30 years Susan has applied her steady leadership and committed her serving heart to Valley Natural Foods. And she has had good company along the way. Kathleen Boegemann, operations manager of our co-op, was recently honored at an all-staff meeting for her 20 years of service. Both women have been committed to excellence, sharing a long-time journey and friendship. Their commitment to excellence has garnered Valley Natural Foods several

When it comes to healthy eating, here are 7 easy, nutritious and  very satisfying snack ideas to help you continue with your healthy New Year's resolutions. 1) Organic Tortilla Chips from Whole Grain Milling Company with Valley Natural Foods Homemade Garden Salsa (from the produce department)  2) Fresh crisp Pink Lady apple slices dipped into two tablespoons of almond butter (from the jar, or grind your own fresh from the bulk department)   3) Half of a thinly sliced cucumber and 2 pieces of Eichten's string cheese (from the deli)   4) Thuro Bread on-the-go snack (look for special freezer case at the registers)    5) A couple slices of deli turkey or chicken and a fresh mandarin tangerine 6) Four tablespoons Holy Land hummus with celery sticks and radish slices   7) One single-size container of Greek Gods Honey Greek yogurt and a handful of sprouted almonds (from the bulk department) Use your imagination and mix it up a little. Cucumber

  People enter our doors to find answers to their diet and health questions. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “Where’s the salad bar, I ‘m hungry,” or as serious as, “My child was just diagnosed with a nut allergy.” When it comes to special diets and food allergies we understand that some people are more sensitive than others. We have all different types of customers and we’re thrilled about that, but every item in our store isn’t for everybody. For example, we are very proud of our bulk department. It’s a great way to try new items, keep your cupboards full of fresh product and save money, however if you are shopping for a person with food allergy it’s important to be aware that the bulk bins may be cross contaminated. We sell all types of flours and nuts in these bulk bins and

Thirty-eight percent of land is currently being used for farming, and industrial agriculture is the leading polluter of water, according to Rainforest Alliance’s Web site.  That is the reason they created a certification for agriculture to help reduce that impact. Rainforest Alliance says on their Web site  that, “Rainforest Alliance Certified farms have reduced environmental footprints, are good neighbors to human and wild communities and are often integral parts of regional conservation initiatives.” Rainforest Alliance Certified means: Less water pollution Less soil erosion Reduced threats to the environment and human health Wildlife habitat is protected Less waste Less water used More efficient farm management Improved conditions for farm workers Improved profitability and competitiveness for farm