Allergies and Bulk Shopping


People enter our doors to find answers to their diet and health questions. Sometimes it’s as simple as, “Where’s the salad bar, I ‘m hungry,” or as serious as, “My child was just diagnosed with a nut allergy.”

When it comes to special diets and food allergies we understand that some people are more sensitive than others. We have all different types of customers and we’re thrilled about that, but every item in our store isn’t for everybody.

For example, we are very proud of our bulk department. It’s a great way to try new items, keep your cupboards full of fresh product and save money, however if you are shopping for a person with food allergy it’s important to be aware that the bulk bins may be cross contaminated.

We sell all types of flours and nuts in these bulk bins and although we do our best to keep all the scoops clean and avoid cross-contaminating the bins or scoops, it is still likely that the bins are cross-contaminated due to the allergens becoming airborne or an accidental misuse of a scoop.

Our deli department also uses extreme caution when baking and cooking the gluten-free foods. They clean the kitchen and the cooks understand how to avoid cross-contamination, but the kitchen is not a certified gluten-free kitchen. If you are really sensitive to gluten, please keep this in mind. Maybe try the products from Bittersweet Bakery or other packaged goods on the shelves.

We cater to all types of diets and are happy to answer any questions you may have when you come in the store. Please ask if you are unsure about any item, or if you just need to be pointed in the direction of the cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth!

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