7 Nutritious and Satisfying Snack Ideas

When it comes to healthy eating, here are 7 easy, nutritious and  very satisfying snack ideas to help you continue with your healthy New Year’s resolutions.

1) Organic Tortilla Chips from Whole Grain Milling Company with Valley Natural Foods Homemade Garden Salsa (from the produce department) 

2) Fresh crisp Pink Lady apple slices dipped into two tablespoons of almond butter (from the jar, or grind your own fresh from the bulk department)


3) Half of a thinly sliced cucumber and 2 pieces of Eichten’s string cheese (from the deli)


4) Thuro Bread on-the-go snack (look for special freezer case at the registers)


 5) A couple slices of deli turkey or chicken and a fresh mandarin tangerine

6) Four tablespoons Holy Land hummus with celery sticks and radish slices


7) One single-size container of Greek Gods Honey Greek yogurt and a handful of sprouted almonds (from the bulk department)

Use your imagination and mix it up a little. Cucumber slices are also great dipped into hummus, or apple slices and a piece of cheddar cheese makes a delicious combination. Choose other favorite items and create your own healthy snack pairings!


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