“I haven’t been sick since shopping at the co-op!”*

These days quiet yet very inquisitive co-op owner Iraj Aryan of Apple Valley, MN, is always reading online and learning about the latest health information to ensure he continues to eat right. Eating right has become a lifestyle choice for him, especially since years ago he often became sick before he shopped at the co-op. He relays that it was an easy choice to become an owner almost 4 years ago, as he had been shopping the store for a while and it just made sense. After all, it is only $100 for a lifetime ownership!

What is most important to Aryan is eating organic, as he wants to avoid pesticides, processed foods and GMOs. He believes that many people are getting sick and the only way to correct that is to eat right and your body will respond.

Aryan is also an avid advocate of the co-op at his workplace. He indicates that he is always pushing his co-workers to eat organic because who wants to take prescription pills the rest of their lives or become ill?

Also, Aryan is happy to note that since shopping at the co-op, he himself has never been sick. If he feels under weather, he always stops by the wellness department for immune system-boosting herbs.

Because of his inquisitive nature, Aryan also brought up some good questions for the co-op that I want to make sure we address. We value the feedback of our customers and we want them to know that we are listening and responding to their questions. Look for answers to Aryan’s questions to be featured on our blog next week!

Have a question or comment for Valley Natural Foods? Do know that if you have a question or comment, we have a new comment card station to the left when you exit the store. Stop by anytime and drop us a line. Responses to previous questions and comments are posted there too. We always like to know what our customers value and what they are thinking!

Thank you for shopping at Valley Natural Foods and thanks to Aryan and to all of our co-op owners for being a part of our community!

*The information in this blog is provided for informational purposes only & it is not intended as medical advice. Please seek the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional before embarking on a lifestyle change or when treating a specific condition.

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