Harvest Party Time Ideas!

Jason, our meat & seafood manager here at the co-op, shares with our readers  some wonderful party ideas! Whether it’s a Halloween or harvest party, these ideas are great for the season! All ingredients are available right here at Valley Natural Foods.

Jumbo Sub Sandwich

Slice one whole artisan bread loaf lengthwise, so you have one top and one bottom. Ciabatta or a roasted garlic loaf would work great. Spread mayonnaise and mustard on cut sides, and then layer bottom half with one or more varieties of thinly slice deli turkey, ham, salami or roast beef, thinly sliced cheeses, fresh, thinly slice red bell or jalapeno peppers and romaine lettuce. After topping other half, press down on sandwich firmly while cutting crosswise into individual servings. If servings are thick, use long toothpicks to hold it all together while slicing and serving.

Zesty Tasty Nachos

Lay Whole Grain Milling tortilla chips in a shallow baking pan. Top with cooked, drained and crumbled  ground Down in the Valley turkey meat and a couple handfuls of shredded Valley View Farms Chipotle Colby cheese. Place under oven broiler until cheese just melts. Remove from broiler, top with sliced black olives, shredded lettuce, chunks of avocado, sour cream and our famous fresh garden salsa, house-made by our produce department. Serve at once!

Easy BBQ Meatballs or Cocktail Weiners

Lightly simmer one package Down in the Valley pre-cooked, lightly seasoned beef meatballs, Thousand Hills Beef Cocktail Wieners or Beeler’s Lil’ Bites Smoke Sausage in a tasty BBQ sauce, such as Daddy Sam’s. Simmer until heated through.  Cocktail wieners and or smoked sausages can be served right away. Meatballs can be spread out on baking tray, placed in the oven at 325 degrees and baked for a short time (or until sauce is thicker and sticking well to each meatball. Serve warm on a platter. Meatballs can also be crisped in the oven without any sauce, and then dipped into ketchup or BBQ sauce right before eating.

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