Member Discount Exceptions

Two of the benefits of membership at Valley Natural Foods, are a monthly 5% discount and a 10% case discount. Both discounts can help frugal shoppers plan and save money. Many members save the 5% discount for their largest shopping trip of the month or for replenishing monthly supplements. Other members plan ahead and buy by the case on products they use a lot. Still others share a case (and split the cost).

 While both discounts are terrific ways to save money as a co-op member, you should know that not all products are discounted. So you are not surprised at the cash register, here is a list of those exceptions:

• Eggs
• Milk
• Sushi
• Fresh-cut flowers from produce
• Books (already 15% off every day)
• Items already discounted (member, CAP, general or red tag items)

These items are exceptions because they are already discounted so low that if the member discounts were applied, they would ring up for less than the co-op had to pay for these items. These items reflect one of the ways we strive to provide shoppers the lowest prices possible. Monthly sales, weekly coupons and member specials, (click here for specials and coupons page) are another way we try to keep prices affordable. Any profit our co-op makes is redistributed among the membership according to how much shopping each person did (this is why we track member purchases).

If you are not yet a member and would like more information, please contact

Membership is a one-time investment and your investment is fully refundable at any time for any reason. Ownership in a thriving community business is healthy and, after all, we are all about a healthy community.

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