Dang Good!

Thought you’ve seen (and perhaps tasted) it all with the Caramel Sea Salt food trend? Looks like the folks at Dang Foods Company have created their own amazing version using the ever-popular flavor fusion in their Toasted Coconut Chips. As if their original flavor was not good enough (because it is, and incredibly awesome) Dang Foods had to go ahead and make a Caramel Sea Salt version too. Yes, more coconut obsession, right on our shelves.

Staff here at Valley Natural Foods have become addicted to this light, delightfully crunchy snack, so of course it won top votes for our weekly Staff Pick of the Week. Some of us sprinkle it atop yogurt and others just love to eat right out of the bag. Dang Foods even has an awesome Coconut Chip Cookbook to view onlinewhere they share their favorite main dish, side and dessert recipes. Dang, you may want to check it out!


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