Super Ideas for Super Bowl

Super Bowl is here and once again, Valley Natural Foods offers a great selection of fresh, healthy and delicious Game Day Goodies! Here are some ideas from our fresh departments.

In the produce department…

House-Made Fresh Salsa:  Pick up a container of the “best salsa in town” and serve with organic tortilla chips from Whole Grain Milling Company. For variations, add a few cubes of avocado to the salsa. Or, for an easy but excellent guacamole, mash a couple of avocados with a few spoonfuls of salsa – simply scrumptious!

Fresh Cut-Up Veggie Tray: We’ve done all the cleaning and cutting up for you! Just select your favorite dressing or dip – you can find many varieties available in the produce department, or house-made dips in the deli.

In the meat department…

Down in the Valley  All Natural Pork Weiners: Pick up a family-sized packaged of our tasty cut-up weiners and simmer in your favorite BBQ sauce until heated through. Our favorite is Daddy Sam’s Bar-B-Que Sawce (located in Trail 2).

Fresh Chicken Wings: Try our Gerber Amish chicken wings. Place on a cookie sheet with salt and pepper and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Serve with your favorite hot sauce for dipping and don’t forget the celery and bleu cheese dressing from the produce department.

In the deli department…

Ready made items: The deli staff will make your Super Bowl party a no-fuss occasion! Choose from several made-from-scratch prepared items like veggie or grass-fed beef chili,  BBQ meatballs, a variety of chicken wings, quesadillas, and house-made dips.

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