Winging it at Valley Natural Foods

Valley Natural Foods STAFF PICK of the WEEK: Chicken Wings!

How will you wing it for game day? Here’s what we have to offer for game day, or any day:

Meat Department: Pick up some of our tasty, all-natural chicken wings from the fresh meat cooler. Place wings on a cookie sheet with salt and pepper and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Serve with your favorite hot sauce for dipping. Or, purchase pre-marinated, ready-to-bake wings from our meat service counter.

Deli Department: Want your wings pre-cooked instead? Look in our grab and go cooler for Buffalo, Sweet & Sour or our “Throw Down” (chef’s choice recipe) ready-to-heat-and-eat wings.

Produce Department: Don’t forget to serve organic celery with Marzetti Organic Blue Cheese dressing (look for dressing in the produce cooler near the sprouts) with your platter of wings.

Grocery Department: We have a variety of tasty bottled sauces you can use for wings including a selection of BBQ sauces from Daddy Sam’s, Annies and Frontera, and hot sauces from Boulder Hot Sauce. Check out the salad dressing area in Trail 2 for a nice selection of ranch dressings.

From our Book Section: Wing it with a cookbook by a local author! Only Wings: Bold and Unusual Recipes by local author Quentin Erickson, showcases over 75 tasty looking recipes including Tequila Chipotle Wings, Lime Hot Wings, Jalapeno Horseradish Wings, Garlic Honey Wings and many, many more!

So just how does Valley Natural Foods determine “PICK of the WEEK?” Well, staff gets together for a weekly meeting, we pitch suggestions for our favorite items, and then we all vote—the highest vote becomes our staff pick of the week—so you know it’s got to be good!

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